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The Swedish Maritime Administration’s general financial objective is to cover its costs in full. Operations are financed mainly by dues and tariffs on merchant shipping. The Administration’s costs for certain items including leisure craft traffic shall be financed within the state budget.

The Swedish Maritime Administration is a business oriented governmental agency financed mainly by dues and fees on merchant shipping. The Swedish Maritime Administration’s most significant dues are fairway dues and pilotage dues.

In addition to fairway and pilotage dues, the Swedish Maritime Administration sets fees and dues for other products and services rendered. The most financially significant to the Administration are revenues from sales of navigational charts and publications. A price list covering all navigational chart products is produced before every season.

The Swedish Maritime Administration also sets fees for leisure boats, passing the locks in the Trollhätte Canal. There is also a tariff of fees for icebreaking on order and against compensation, which does not refer to icebreaking in the fairways, which is financed entirely by fairway dues.  All tariffs and fees are specified in Swedish Maritime Administration’s regulations.

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