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Hållö is situated about 1 nautical mile of Smögen. This island is one of the biggest lighthouse islands on the west coast, projecting out into the sea where there are hazardous shallows around the south cape. Seafarers had long been requesting a lighthouse here, but it was not until 1842 that a lighthouse was lit on Hållö – a cylindrical stone tower some ten metres high.

In 1868, this lighthouse was renovated to remove the mirror and add the lens. The height of the light was increased at the same time so that it could be seen more clearly. The lantern room was replaced and raised by means of an iron superstructure 5 metres high, which was designed by Nils Gustaf von Heidenstam. The height of the light above the water was increased to around 40 metres (132 feet). The steps in the tower were replaced with steps made of iron. The superstructure shares clear similarities with the top of the "classic Heidenstam lighthouse".

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