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Many ships have been forced to sail around the south-east corner of Skåne over the years. There are hazardous currents here, and the sandbars extend 7 nautical miles out from the coast.

Many ships have foundered here over the years, and there was a simple coal-fired lighthouse on the site back in the early 1830s. The problem of building really heavy structures on sand was initially resolved in 1862, and two large Heidenstam lighthouses, 29 metres high, were built here. One of the lighthouses was dismantled in 1891 when technology made it possible for just one lighthouse to produce sufficiently strong light. The lighthouse was erected on Pite Rönnskär in 1904-1905, and it still stands there today.

The Sandhammaren lighthouse was automated in 1976 and demanned in 1979.

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