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The beacon and lighthouse at Vinga are perhaps Sweden's most famous navigation marks. This is a classic lighthouse station where poet Evert Taube grew up – this is where his father was the lighthouse keeper.

Vinga is an island to the west of Gothenburg, at the outer part of the inlet and the Göta river. The lighthouse station was constructed between 1840 and 1841, and a cylindrical tower made of granite was erected. This was the first lighthouse on Vinga, but it was also the first lighthouse in Sweden to have a lighthouse lens. But the light from the lighthouse was feeble and it was confused with other lighthouses, causing seafarers to make fatal mistakes. A new lighthouse was erected in 1856, north of the first one, to remedy the situation.

But both of these lighthouses were considered to be far too weak, and 1890 for the construction of the present tower, 29 metres high. The light from this lighthouse was 50 times stronger than the light from the earlier lighthouses. This was also the first lighthouse with a lens in Sweden.

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