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The Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket) endeavours to develop and strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish shipping. Our goal is safer and more sustainable shipping.

The division of responsibility among Swedish transport agencies is currently under review. One key task for the Swedish Maritime Administration will be to promote the financing of maritime research and development, as well as acting as a coordinator for Swedish maritime Research and Innovation (R&I).

Wide-ranging cooperation

The Swedish Maritime Administration’s R&I unit consists of six people, each of whom has unique expertise, and who cooperate with academic institutions as well as with business and industry. We focus on the future through cooperation, input and activities that have emerged from tangible maritime requirements and challenges.

Future-oriented innovation and development activities  

The Swedish Maritime Administration is the initiator of and participates in a number of innovation and development projects. MONALISA is one of most noted innovation and demonstration projects, with the objectives of efficiency enhancing and optimizing navigation, as well as reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Key R&I areas

In cooperation with the maritime cluster, the Swedish Maritime Administration has identified a number of areas in research, development, innovation and demonstration aimed at strengthening our competitiveness and contributing to meeting maritime requirements, both nationally and globally:

• e-Maritime
• ecologically sustainable transport systems
• maritime safety
• infrastructure and technology
• winter navigation and arctic issues
• external conditions for shipping
• competence and capacity issues 

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