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Maintenance, service and planning and improvement of fairways are essential parts of Swedish Maritime Administration’s work to cope with the demands of the environmental and safety aspects.

It is SMA’s duty to establish and maintain safe and environment-friendly seaways which meets the demands of the merchant fleet. It is our goal that the number of incidents and accidents caused by insufficient service in the fairways shall be zero.
In order to be able to navigate safely in our fairways the Swedish Maritime Administration are responsible for Aids to Navigation like lights, buoys, radar beacons, reference stations for satellite navigation etc. We are continuously adjusting the services rendered in the fairways to meet the change in flow of traffic, nautical needs and technical development. Maintenance work is performed by SMA’s own personnel, using helicopter, buoy tenders and pilot boats.
The Swedish Maritime Administration owns 1 000 lighthouses and lighted beacons. 50 % of these are operated by alternative energy sources such as sun and wind. The Swedish Maritime Administration is also responsible for maintenance and operation of reference stations for GPS, also called DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System). Which significantly increase the accuracy of positioning with GPS. DGPS is also necessary for future navigation with ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System).

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