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Copyright on navigational charts and electronic chart data


The work to create navigational charts is a creative activity that is protected by the Swedish Copyright Act (1960:729).

The Swedish State accordingly asserts copyright to general maps, geological maps and navigational charts, as well as databases and other input material.
According to the Swedish Copyright Act (1960:729), the Swedish Maritime Administration owns the rights to Swedish navigational charts. Persons wishing to use navigational chart illustrations may apply for permission to produce analogue or digital follow-on products. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. There is a fee charged for the right to use navigational chart information, which varies with the extent of the use. Users are obligated to cite the source and a permit number.

Example:© The Swedish Maritime Administration, publishing permit xxxx.

Follow-on production and agreements on usage rights

Navigational charts and nautical publications may be used to produce follow-on products in analogue or electronic form.

Examples of follow-on products include planning charts, tourist and recreational maps, postcards, placemats and advertising and teaching materials.

Persons wishing to produce a follow-on product based on the Swedish Maritime Administration’s material must contact the Swedish Maritime Administration to obtain an agreement on usage rights.

The customer pays a usage rights fee, which is based on factors including:

  • The duration of permission
  • Extent of use, e.g., the number of copies printed
  • Quantity of data, e.g., area, colours, execution
  • Updating
  • Purpose

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