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Vertical clearance as given on the chart.
At bridges over navigable waters are notice boards stating the height of the obstruction in metres. This height is called “vertical clearance” and is calculated in the following way:

The distance between “Mean high water” and the lowest part of the obstruction, within the navigable channel, reduced by a safety margin of 0,5-2,0m depending on expected swell in the area.

Low bridges across sheltered waters
is given as the actual height of the bridge above mean sea level without the safety margin.

Low bridges are those where the clearance can easily be estimated from a small boat i.e. up to approximately 3m in height.

Opening hours and further information:

Bay of Bothnia  
Luleå (414, 4101) Bergnäsbron
Piteå (415, 4151) Pitsundsbron
Sea of Åland  
Väddö canal (536) Älmstabron
Väddö canal (536) Bagghusbron
Northern Baltic  
Western och Eastern Lagnö (612) Klintsundet
Karl Johansslussen (6141)  Slussen The lock is CLOSED until May 31 2021
Hammarbyleden (6141) Merchant vessels  Danviksbroarna, Skansbron, Liljeholmsbron
Hammarbyleden (6141) pleasure vessels Danviksbroarna, Skansbron, Liljeholmsbron
Due to works in the area, with a temporary increace in public transportation, the opening times has limitations for pleasure boats
Strömma canal (6143, 6145)


Nynäshamn, Oxnö (6171, 6172) Tottnäsbron
Norrköping (6212)  Händelöbron
Södertälje Kanal  
Södra kanalen (6181) Södra kanalbroarna
Norra kanalen (6181)  Mälarbron, Slussbron, Slussen
Lake Mälaren  
Eastern lake Mälaren (111) Nockebybron
Eastern lake Mälaren (111) Tappströmsbron 
Eastern lake Mälaren (111) Stäket 
Uppsala, Fyrisån (112)  Flottsundsbron, Ultunabron, Kungsängsbron
Sigtuna (112) Erikssundsbron 
Strängnäs (111)  Stallarholmsbron 
The bridge will not be opened 2017-10-02 - 2017-10-22.
Strängnäs (111, 113)  Tosteröbron
Hjulstabron (113) Hjulstabron
Western lake Mälaren (113, 1131)


Western lake Mälaren (114, 1131) Kungsörbroarna
Central baltic  
Västervik/Gamleby (6231) Stegeholms kanal (Stora Strömmen)
Southern baltic  
Karlskrona Hasslöbron
The Sound  
Falsterbokanalen (921)



Göteborg (9312, 1352)


The fairway is closed for all vessel traffic
7/11 kl. 07.00 - 8/11 kl. 19.00 LT
  Hisingsbron New bridge under construction.
Sotekanalen (933)


Lake Vänern and Trollhätte canal  
Göta älv and Trollhätte canal

Trollhätte canal

The locks in Trollhättan are closed for all vessels
7/11, 07.00 - 8/11, 19.00 LT

Nordreälv (931)  Ormo skärmanläggning The passage for small boats is out of commission indefinitely and the drawbridge is closed. All vessels are redirected to the passage for deep draught vessels.
Kungälv (1352)  Bohusbron
Säffle (134)  Slussen, Nysätersbron
Dalslands canal Dalslands kanal
Hjälmaren (114)  Hjälmare kanal
Örebro (114) Skebäcksbron
Göta canal Göta kanal

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