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(57-42,9N  011-58,0E) Chart 9312, 1352
Bascule bridge with fixed side span.
Three bridge spans in the canal. The middle span is designated for marine traffic and is openable.
The side spans are closed for all marine trafic. 
Maximum vertical clearance if closed, middle span: 18,3 m 

Opening hours (local time):

Weekdays 0000 - 0600; 0900 - 1500; 1800 - 2400
Weekends and holidays 0000 - 2400

The area around the bridge is a construction site for the new bridge 'Hisingsbron'. There will be times when it is not possible to pass under the bridge.

The bascule span has a width of 20m and a vertical clearance at MW of 18,3 m. This span is only to be used when approval has been given from the bridge.
The maximal horizontal clearence has been reduced from 16,5 meters to 13,4 meters during the construction of the new bridge.

The both side spans are closed for all marine trafic. 

NB! For ships that have the possibility to lower the air draught to avoid opening of bridge should do so, to avoid traffic problems in the central of Göteborg.

Contact information:
Bridge watch Götaälv bron: VHF Ch. 9


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