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It is possible to change crew and load/unload small packages by order or in connection with pilot embarkation/disembarkation.

We have introduced an improved transit passage service in the Sound (Öresund). When ordering Swedish pilot for the transit passage there will be a possibility to order for crew change, service engineers or taking onboard small spare parts if needed.

The order for this service should be placed at the same time as the pilot order is placed.

This same service is given when ordering Swedish pilot for deep sea pilotage when the vessel is passing the Sound. One great advantage when performing the crew change in the sound is that crew can come onboard at M1 buoy (Helsingborg) and the off signing crew can leave 3-4 hours later in the southern part of the Sound (Malmö) allowing good time for hand over. Very good connections are available from Copenhagen Air Port to the Malmö Pilot station which takes approximately 30 minutes.

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