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A notification of the need for pilot must be made in connection with the ship reporting in MSW Reportal. MSW Reportal is reached via the Swedish Maritime Administration website. If MSW Reportal is not possible to use, use contact below:

Eastcoast Pilot
Phone: 0771-630 635
VHF: 11
E-mail: eastcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se 

A notification must be made electronically
As of October 5, 2016, the Swedish Maritime Administration consider the basic information from the vessel notification in the form of a notified need for pilot. The notification requires that you have marked in the ship notification that you intend to order pilot, but note that it is not a pilot order. A pilot order must always be followed by a preliminary or definitive order.

All pilot orders have a clear link to the ship notification and reuse information, such as the arrival and departure point and the system offers suggestions for reasonable start times and more.


Preliminary pilot order
As close to the notification as possible, a preliminary pilot order, which is not considered a final order, shall be made via MSW Reportal.


Definitive pilot order
No later than five hours before the start of the pilotage, the final order must be made regardless of the previous preliminary order.
An order fee must be paid if the order is made later than five hours before the scheduled start of the pilotage. If changes are made later than five hours before the required start, an order fee must be paid, but for the first change, three hours will apply. It will not be possible to make a pilot order with a time closer to three hours.


Permission to e-services
Application for permission to e-services for MSW Reportal is made via the Swedish Maritime Administration's website.


Other information
Planning of a pilot order is made by the Swedish Maritime Administration's pilot centers. A notification and preliminary ordering are important, in order to give the pilot center the opportunity to plan early and prepare for the pilotage.


Two-man pilotage in Södertälje Area
Vessels with a LOA > 200 m, except for vessels to and from anchorages outside Nynäshamn.

 Since 1 January 2009 it is the Swedish Transport Agency, who regulate the mandatory pilotage in Swedish waters. Read more on the Swedish Transport Agency website.

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