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Max dimensions for pilotage of vessels(tanker excluded) to the port of Stockholm
Max dimensions for Tank ships here

Daylight and good visibility



Furusund route


Landsort 1) 

Length 245 m
GRT=160 000
145 m 200 m
Width 32,31 m 19 m 32,31 m
Draught 11,0 m 9,0 m 7,0 m 10,0 m
Darkness and considerably restricted visibility *
Length 175 m* 175 m* 145 m* 175 m*
Width 32,31 m    (32,31 m)  19 m 26 m   
Draught 9,0 m 9,0 m 7,0 m 9,0 m




Landsort  1)

          * Naval ships - Only in daylight and good visibility

       1 )Landsort-Stavsnäs-Kanholmsfjärden

        Furusundroute Wind, Visibility and Darkness

        Sandhamnroute Wind, Visibility and Darkness


  • LB= is the product of length x width.
    Length refers to L.O.A.
    Width refers to width at the waterline.
    Special examination of the vessels below.
  • Exemption from this can be given to modern ships with extremely good maneuverability and state of the art equipment.
  • Ships with a l.o.a. exceeding 175.00 meters arriving at first time, are requested to present ships data concerning rudders, propellers, bowthrusters and maneuverability, three months prior to arrival for evaluation by Area Manager and nautical supervisors.
  • Passenger Vessels over 200 m - First call will be made via Tjärven to make an adequate assessment of wind-sensitive vessels.
  • Ships with a l.o.a. exceeding 245.00 meters or a width more than 32,31 must, well in advance 6 months months before arrival, complete a simulation test or full scale test for evaluation. Pilot area decides whether the test need to exists and to what extent. Pilot area also decides if the need exists for a pilot to come on board in the harbor before Stockholm.
  • All decisions of the vessels covered by the special assessment shall be determined in writing by the Director of the pilot area. Decisions shall be time limited and may be made subject with specific restrictions. Decisions can be withdrawn for good reason.
  • Vessels may shift in Port of Stockholm during darkness, even vessels not permitted to navigate in the fairways during darkness.
  • Boarding positions - please refer to "Boarding".
  • During daylight and good visibility maximum draught is depending on actual waterlevel: Addition or reduction to/from standards is made corresponding to cm high- or low water.
  • During darkness or bad visibility addition to draught at high waterlevel is not permitted and are always standards for max draught valid