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Restrictions in ice conditions
Restrictions for traffic in the Stockholm archipelago in ice conditions, comes into force when Pilot Area Stockholm, announces, during this time is fairway separations in the area non-existing (dormant).

Ice channel on the straights
As far as possible, the proposed winter routes used.
Ice routes can be found on pages Routes.
Meetings and overtaking

During the ice should bridge to bridge communication established for agreement on how and where meetings and overtaking should be done so that various ship conditions for navigation in ice observed. Meetings in the turns should be avoided.

Ice reporting
If, because of example thickness of the ice has broken new ice channel besides the latest channel, this should be immediately announced to the VTS STOCKHOLM. Temporary deviations are not reported. When abrupt changes and local difficulties in the channel in the ice, for example ridges, channel drifted or difficulties of a turn, this should also immediately be informed to the VTS STOCKHOLM.

Prohibit Area
Ice channel shall not be broken within the Prohibit Area.
If the ice channel will be broken in the Area,
the Maritime Administration and maritime police are to be informed at least one day before to allow the public to be warned.
Areas of Prohibit area and Cancellation is decided by the County Administration and the Maritime Administration, which will inform the maritime traffic.
Maritime police are responsible for all areas that are not public fairways.

Ice Routes
Ice routes can be found on pages Routes.


Local Offices

Stockholm Pilot Area

Per Stenhammar
+46 (0)10-478 47 98
Stockholm Pilot Area Manager

Af Pontins väg 6
115 21 Stockholm


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