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Ship at dawn
Arrival Departure
LOA No of tugs LOA No of tugs
115 - 124,9 m 1 115 - 134,9 m  1
125 - 149,9 m 2 > 135 m 2
150 - 189,9 m 3    
> 190 m 4    
  • All Gas carriers shall have assistance of at least 1 tug for berthing and unberthing. Escort towing from/to pilotstation/berth is compulsary for all gas carriers.
  • One tugboat shall always be of tractor type if only port towing is used.
  • Vattenfall N and PetroPort S: Vessel with draught exceeding 10,0m shall use 4 tugs.
  • Bowthruster with adequate power compensate one tugboat. (however, minimum 1 tug shall always be used on gascarrier).NOTE! Loaded vessels with LOA more than 150 m shall at departure from Havden always be assisted by 2 tugs, bow thruster does not compensate any tug at departure from Havden.
  • All loaded tankers and gascarriers with LOA exceeding 130m shall be escorted by tugboat when passing Tjörnbron. The escorting tug shall be approved for escort towing.
  • Escort towing from/to pilotstation/berth is compulsary for vessels exceeding 15000 DWT and for all gas- and ammoniacarriers. Escorted vessels above 20 000 dwt shall comply with OCIMF´s regulations for escort towing, otherwise 1 extra tug will be used.

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