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Grande Mediterraneo. Photo: Fredrik Davidsson

Masters on certain special vessels and pilot can, in favourable weather conditions, make other agreement.


Generally: Vessel with large wind area, e.g. car carriers, shall be assisted by 3 tugs. At least 1 tug must be of Asd/Voith type. The tugs BP shall be at least 30 tons. Vessels > 200mtr shall be assisted by minimum 2 Asd/Voith type tugs.

Exception: Vessel equipped with bowthruster exceeding 900 KW is in favourable weather conditions able to reduce the number of tugs by 1. At least 1 of the remaning tugs must be of Asd/Voith type.

Exception: Vessel equipped with high efficient rudder, e.g. Becker- or Schillingrudder or sternthruster, can reduce with one more tug, if the remaining tug is of tractortug type and the weather conditions are favourable.


Generally: 2 tugs.

Exception: Vessel < 200mtr equipped with bowthruster exceeding 900 KW is in good weather condition able to reduce the number of tug by 1.

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