From 5 October 2016, fairway dues declarations and notification of the need for pilotage is to be conducted through the reporting portal, MSW Reportal. This entails changes in routines for customers of the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA).

What do I need to know?

From 5 October, the function for ordering pilots and fairway dues declaration now in the Arrivals e-service will be transferred to the MSW Reportal. The new system means that, as a user, you have more responsibility to keep information synchronised with SMA's system. You will receive messages and warnings showing any differences if, for example, you have phoned in and made changes. This may involve changes to starting times for pilotage, information as to whether an order is definitive/applicable or that you have called SMA's customer support unit to make changes to the fairway dues declaration.

What is the customer's responsibility?

You will be responsible for keeping the MSW Reportal updated, which entails a more active and sharper monitoring approach to ensure that the ordering of pilots and fairway dues declarations are completed and synchronised between the MSW Reportal and the Swedish Maritime Administration's system.

Note that no data/calls will be transferred from Arrivals to the MSW Reportal.

Ordering of pilots

From 5 October 2016, SMA's pilot ordering centres will need to see the basic data from a vessel's notification in the form of a notified need for pilotage (SJÖFS 2014:9 §7). The notification assumes that you have marked in the vessel's notification that you intend to order; note, however, that this does not constitute a pilotage order. A pilotage order must always be followed by a preliminary or definitive order for such services.

In connection with system commissioning on 5 October, the Swedish Maritime Administration's e-services will be down most of the day, and thus you should be prepared for the need for greater-than-normal telephone contact.

All orders for pilotage and, to a certain extent delays, are clearly linked to vessel notification and re-use information such as arrival times and departure times, and the system offers suggestions for reasonable starting times, and so forth.

It will not be possible to order pilotage for a point in time less than three hours ahead.

Many concepts are familiar and it remains the case that you are expected to make a preliminary order for pilotage 18 hours ahead of the desired pilotage starting time and a definitive pilotage order no later than 5 hours ahead of the desired starting time to avoid order-related fees. As previously, dedicated deep-sea pilotage orders are to be made to the pilotage centre in Malmö; but to the MSW Reportal should be used in conjunction with port mooring.

Fairway dues declarations

From 5 October 2016, vessels subject to dues and which load/unload goods or passengers shall submit a fairway dues declaration via the MSW Reportal.

· Any remaining, preliminary fairway declarations will be reset to DEFINITIVE status on 10 October and invoiced on 11 October.

 · Arrivals will then be closed down as soon as we can ensure that no active, preliminary or periodic fairway dues declarations are still open.

Contact information for MSW Support

Manages issues involving: Reporting, user support and fault reporting for the MSW Reportal Interface and input

Telephone: 0771- 40 00 50
E-mail: support@mswreportal.se

Contact information for SMA's customer support

Manages issues concerning: Invoices for pilotage and fairway dues Vessels and vessel information Customers, users, credit contracts – including amendments to these

Telephone: 010-478 58 00
E-mail: kundstod@sjofartsverket.se

Wednesday, May 30, between 12:00-13:00, a planned fix release will be performed to fix a flow against SSN/SSNS. MSW Reportal will be open for reporting but nothing will be sent to SSNS and Fenix, ie. Maritime Administration.
Updated: 2018-05-25
Resign is required for visit regarding 22 May from 2100 hrs to 23 May 1000 hrs. This due to no respons from SSNS
Updated: 2018-05-23
Due to technial error from last night during 1800-2100 hrs some visit needs to be resigned. Please check if ATA&ATD have been updated on your visit from lastnight.
Updated: 2018-05-17
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swedish Personal Data Act (PDA) come into force as of 25 May 2018. The legislation governs all management of personal data relating to the operations of the Swedish Maritime Administration.
Updated: 2018-05-14
From 26/3 we have a new response message: "SSNS - Supplementing request - The visit has been sent to EMSA. Please add number of passengers". It is a requirement of EMSA that we inform providers that the number of passengers is to be filled in.
Updated: 2018-03-26

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