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In order to reduce the risk of infection and spreading the virus in connection with pilotage, it is a requirement that you establish contact with the ship or ship representative of prior to ordering a pilot. If there is a suspicion of corona virus infection (covid-19) on board, you as a broker/client should notify the relevant pilot ordering centre by telephone or e-mail when ordering pilots as follows.

Failure to report any suspicion of corona virus infection on-board will be reported to responsible authority for further actions.

Pilot order centre Gävle (Gävle and Luleå pilot area)
Telephone: +46771-630610
Mail: northcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Södertälje (Oxelösunds, Stockholms and Södertälje pilot area)
Telephone: +46771-630635
Mail: eastcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se
Pilot order centre Malmö (Kalmar and Malmö pilot area)
Telephone: +46771-630680
Mail: southcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Gothenburg (Gothenburg pilot area)
Telephone: +46771-630670
Mail: gothenburgpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Marstrand (Marstrands pilot area)
Telephone: +46771-630650
Mail: westcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Trollhättan (Vänern pilot area)
Telephone: +46771-630695
Mail: kctrollhattan@sjofartsverket.se