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Today (6/5) MSW Reportal was updated to version 2.2.2, which led to some improvements. You can find all the release notes below. You find an updated version of the userguide on the SMA website.

Version 2.2.2
• Display of portvisit ID when warning of nearby port calls in MSW.
• When copying to a new visit, no options are pre-filled.
• Sharing a visit to MSW support is now timed and granted for seven days.
• Correction when copying a visit:
- New popup box with error message.
- If you copy a visit and intend to unload, it is pre-filled that you have an arriving cargo.
- If you copy a visit and intend to load, it is pre-filled that you have departing cargo.
• New warning when trying to leave when you have unsigned changes.

If you have any questions, please contact MSW Support via email: support@mswreportal.se or by phone: 0771-40 00 50.

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