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Master/pilot exchange of information

(Den här sidan är endast på Engelska även den Svenska sidan är på Engelska.) 
Master/pilot exchange of information


As the busiest cruise port in the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Maritime Administration accommodates almost 300 calls every season. This, in addition to the numerous daily calls from large cruise ferries en route between the Baltic capitals, puts a strain on the pilots as well as the port authority.

The pilotage is long and is notorious for its narrow passages and for its beauty and picturesque scenery. Our pilots pride themselves of a zero accident rate and we always strive for continuous improvement.

With our MRM in focus and a shared mental model as a start, we will put even more emphasis on the pilot’s interaction within the bridge team.

Our MPX is very clear about our pilots’ need to be the ones who determine where on the bridge they prefer to position themselves. It is a matter of equipment as well as view and comfort. All pilots might not prefer to position themselves in the ship’s centre line but might prefer the cock pit. The possibility for the pilot to choose his position on the bridge is considered to be a primary condition for safety and is therefore a part of the MPX.

Give us your feedback!

Years of dialogue with the companies calling at Stockholm, cruise liners as well as local ferry companies have helped us to evolve and find better and safer nautical solutions. We always welcome any suggestions that may help us to achieve an even higher level of safety.

Please send us your feedback on any of our routines to or through your local agent. We guarantee that it will be seriously considered in a professional manner.

We welcome you to Stockholm!