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Application for rights of use

Distribution of geographical information.


The duty to apply for permission

Anyone who wants to distribute charts or other compilations of provincial information about Sweden must have a permission in accordance with Act (2016:319) and regulation (2016:320) on protection for geographical information.

According to section 2 of Act (2016:319) landscape information is
1. Geographical information; position determined information about conditions
    on and under the surface of the ground and on and below the seabed;
2. hydrographical survey; perpetual registration of geographical information
    in a specific area of water or a certain distance of an area of water;
3. photographing or equivalent registration; all kinds of reproduction or surveys;
4. compilation of geographical information; geographical information as a
    reproduction, description or survey.

1. The applicant

Provide name and contact details of the applicant. In case the Swedish Maritime Administration needs further information the contact information provided here will be used.

2. Geographical area

Specify the requested area by stating administrative region, index squares in SWEREF99 TM, minimum and maximum coordinates in SWEREF99 or marked out in a chart.

3. Purpose

Describe what the map, service or publication is to be used for. Attach a sample of the final product with the application using the format pdf, jpg or gif.

4. Content

You only need to specify content if you wish to distribute services providing digital maps, interactive maps or databases. Describe as accurate as possible what information you intend to show in the chart. Attach a complete specification and examples of the map.


You may only sell or otherwise distribute the information specified in the application if the Swedish Maritime Administration so authorises in a decision.

Last updated 2021-08-24