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REDO 2.0 – Recruitment Equality and Diversity Opportunities

The Swedish Maritime Administration participates in a joint research project for social sustainability at sea.

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Together with Sweship, Chalmers and the organization MÄN, the Swedish Maritime Administration contributes to creating knowledge and supporting the shipping companies' systematic work environment work through methods and tools that are adapted for onboard employees.

The project, led by the Swedish Research Institute RISE, is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration's shipping portfolio and runs until December 2024.

Contact person at the Swedish Maritime Administration is Cajsa Jersler Fransson.

Five shipping companies have joined the project right from the start. These are Destination Gotland AB, Tärntank AB, Furetank AB, Viking Supply Ships Management AB and Stena Line Scandinavia AB.

The project has an international reference group consisting of representatives from World Maritime University, the Social Partners’ Council, Safe Marine Ltd, Alandia, WISTA Sweden, #genusarbetaren Charlie Klang and the Equal Treatment Group within Swedish Shipping.


To give employees on board tools to work systematically with the social work environment.


To create further insights and increased understanding of what promotes social sustainability at sea and offer concrete tools and methods that can be used on board to create a good social work environment. The overall goals and purpose of the project can be broken down into the following:


  • Describe the connection between gender equality, psychological security and maritime safety and offer leaders the training and tools they need to support psychological security on board
  • Develop a training material adapted to shipping that is based on methods for violence prevention (Mentors in violence prevention, MVP) and train people who can hold training / workshops (‘train the trainer’)
  • Continued development and evaluation of systematic work environment work for an inclusive workplace with elements of norm-creative methods (gamification)
  • Create and implement support structures (networks and mentoring programs) to increase diversity
  • Develop and test solutions for increased flexibility linked to family life.


The overall method for the project will be conducted in the form of an action research project with interventions between research, development, and testing.

The project kick off takes place in Gothenburg in January 2022. Project partners, reference and steering groups as well as participating shipping companies are invited.


Last updated 2022-01-10