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MSW Reportal

Collaboration and administration

Maritime and Aeronautical SAR in Sweden pursues extensive collaboration, both nationally and internationally. Policy and regulatory affairs and operational matters are handled within the Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue Department, which is based in Gothenburg.

The SAR System Management unit has contact with other authorities and organizations working in the emergency services. They participate in international work with representatives from other countries and complete agreements on search and rescue issues at both the national and international levels. The unit also evaluates rescue inputs of particular interest and compiles annual statistics of completed search and rescue cases.

Operational cooperation

In addition to the Swedish Maritime Administration's own resources such as pilot boats, rescue helicopters and VTS (Vessel Traffic Service / VTS centers), primarily vessels and airborne units from the Lifeboat Society, the Coast Guard, the Police, the Armed Forces and municipalities participate in rescue efforts. Operational coordination is undertaken by the Maritime and ARCC, JRCC.

National agreement

In addition to international conventions and the Swedish law, the Maritime Administration – alone or together with other authorities – has signed agreements for conducting maritime rescue, as well as for air rescue in some cases.
These agreements apply to helicopter preparedness (FM), municipal rescue groups (RITS-forces), the Lifeboat Society, Stockholm Radio, SOS Alarm and the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, (TMAS).

Agreements with neighboring countries

Sweden has signed an agreement for sea and air rescue at government and agency level. The distinction is based in the main body of the agreements on the so-called FIR boundaries (Flight Information Regions). Sweden has signed an agreement with Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Norway, Estonia and Denmark.

International work and collaboration

In the international work, the Maritime Administration participates the annual meetings of the IMO Sub Committee for Radio Communications and Search and Rescue (COMSAR), Baltic and Barents Sea Co-operation on GMDSS (BBRC), IMO / ICAO Joint Working Grop. As part of the cooperation with Sweden's neighboring countries and in accordance with signed agreements for maritime and aeronautical SAR, Maritime Administration also participates in the planning and implementation of exercises called Bold Mercy and Baltic SAREX.

Last updated 2021-03-18