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MSW Reportal

MSW Reportal

The Swedish Maritime Single Window (MSW Reportal) is a portal for reporting information regarding vessel´s port calls to Swedish harbours. The portal, which is managed by the Swedish Maritime Administration, is a collaboration between the Swedish Coast Guard, the Swedish Customs, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency.

New update of MSW

On January 26, MSW Reportal was updated to version 2.3.7, which led to some improvements. All release notes can be found below.

Version 2.3.7
Updates linked to regulatory changes:

  • Update text for personal vehicles
  • Update help text for Cruise
  • Update text for Passengers
  • Removal of discount for T/A
  • Hide empty containers from the drop-down list
  • Updated help text for "Arriving port city" to clarify the difference between the port city and the anchorage
  • Updated link text for invoice - from Invoice to Show fees
  • Improvement of display / sorting of search results during ship search
  • Fixed issue with incorrect link to operational information

For questions, please contact MSW Support by phone: +46 771-40 00 50 or email: support@mswreportal.se.

Concerning coronavirus (covid-19) and pilot order

In order to reduce the risk of infection and spreading the virus in connection with pilotage, it is a requirement that you establish contact with the ship or ship representative of prior to ordering a pilot. If there is a suspicion of corona virus infection (covid-19) on board, you as a broker/client should notify the relevant pilot ordering centre by telephone or email when ordering pilots as follows.

In the documents below you will find more information and routines regarding covid-19 in connection with pilotage.

Failure to report any suspicion of corona virus infection on-board will be reported to responsible authority for further actions.

Pilot order centres

Pilot order centre Gävle (Gävle and Luleå pilot area)

Telephone: +46771-630610
Email: northcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Södertälje (Oxelösunds, Stockholms and Södertälje pilot area)

Telephone: +46771-630635
Email: eastcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Malmö (Kalmar and Malmö pilot area)

Telephone: +46771-630680
Email: southcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Gothenburg (Gothenburg pilot area)

Telephone: +46771-630670
Email: gothenburgpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Marstrand (Marstrands pilot area)

Telephone: +46771-630650
Email: westcoastpilot@sjofartsverket.se

Pilot order centre Trollhättan (Vänern pilot area)

Telephone: +46771-630695
Email: kctrollhattan@sjofartsverket.se

Current operational information

All news
Automatic ATA / ATD is not entered due to pilot exemption updates the call

We want to alert all users that there may be a bug in the port visits that have a specified pilot exemption. When you open a port visit, it updates itself even if no changes have been made. The system sees this as the visit being unsigned, which can create problems with automatically importing ATA / ATD. Therefore, you currently have to sign the visit each time you open a visit with a pilot exemption. This bug will be resolved next week. If you have any questions please contact MSW Support, email: support@mswreportal.se or phone: +46 771 40 00 50. We thank you for your patience and wish you a Happy Midsummer. ...

News 2022-06-23

• A new function regarding the reporting of pilot exemption is covered by the release (technical conditions) but will not be activated until Monday 4th of April in MSW Reportal. The functionality includes warnings and a simplified procedure to facilitate the reporting of pilot exemption. ...

News 2022-03-23

Last updated 2022-01-24