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MSW Reportal

Bridge over Stegeholm canal in Västervik

Position 57° 45,7'N 016° 38,6'E; Chart 6231

Bascule bridge

Vertical clearance: 1,8 m

Opening times

May 1 – September 30

Merchant vessels

Opening of the bridge is available on request. 
Contact the bridge master on telephone:
+46(0)490 25 70 50 (0730 - 1600 weekdays) not later than 12 hours prior to the estimated time of passage.
Acute bridge opening for commercial traffic, phone no:
+46(0)470-132 78.

Pleasure craft

Information concerning bridge opening for pleasure craft is available on the municipality website: Link

November 15 - April 1

The bridge is closed

Other information

Bridge signals, see chart 6231

Last updated 2021-04-29