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MSW Reportal

Smart Port Calls

The Swedish Maritime Administration participates, together with the actors in the shipping industry in a joint program to create more efficient port calls through digitization. Together with Swedish Shipowners' Association, Ports of Sweden, Swedish Shipbrokers' Association and Swedish Transport Agency, Swedish Maritime Administration contributes to stimulating projects that digitize and streamline the port call process.

The program is planned to run at least until 2027 and includes the information and services exchanged between actors involved in a port call, from the time the ship leaves the previous port until the goods or passengers have switched to another means of transport and vice versa. All actors sharing information and benefits, to achieve jointly set goals, thus achieving efficiency.

The purpose of the program is to

·         Collaborate on digitalization and automation to accelerate development towards reduced costs and increased efficiency for the transport system

·         Strengthen Swedish competitiveness through efficient transport solutions

·         Strengthen shipping as a transport option

·         Reduce costs and increase efficiency for all actors involved

The goals of the program are concrete changes such as

·         A digital maritime infrastructure that supports both government reporting and business processes

·         Access to services with detailed information about the call among industry players

·         Reduced administration and shortened waiting times for all players in the call

·         Transfer of goods from land to sea

Last updated 2021-07-06