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MSW Reportal


Position 57° 42,9'N 011° 58,1'E; Chart 9312 and 1352

Lifting bridge

Verical clearance, closed: 12 m 
Verical clearance, open: 28 m 

Opening hours

Information concerning opening times for the bridge is available on the website of Trafik Göteborg.

Contact information

Bridge master Hisingsbron: VHF Ch. 9

Nautical information and temporary fairway closures

The area around the bridge is a construction site. There will be times when it is not possible to pass under the bridge.

Currently no information    

Other information

Passage is allowed after approval has been given from the bridge master.

Both side spans are closed for all marine traffic. 

Ships that have the possibility to lower the air draught to avoid opening of the bridge should do so, to avoid traffic problems in the city center of Göteborg.

Last updated 2021-04-29