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MSW Reportal

Fallback procedures

All authorities connected to the MSW Reportal have dedicated fallback procedures and it is the prerogative of each authority to make decisions regarding its transition to fallback procedures.

What happens if MSW Reportal does not work?

All authorities that are affiliated with MSW Reportal have their own fallback procedue and it is up to each individual authority to decide when to switch to the fallback procedure. Information on when fallback procedures are to be used will be posted in the news feed "current messages" on www.mswreportal.se, as well as on the respective authority's website. Please note that the Swedish Transport Agency does not have a fallback procedure.

Swedish Customs Service www. tullverket.se 
Swedish Coast Guard www.kustbevakningen.se 
Swedish Maritime Administration www.sjofartsverket.se 


User support

MSW Support is available around the clock and can answer questions regarding the reporting in the MSW portal.

Contact information MSW Support
Phone: 0771-40 00 50
Email: support@mswreportal.se 

Last updated 2021-05-26